Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sex Affects Page Views?

I was looking at my post lists and noticed that I had twice as many page views when I mentioned Fifty Shades of Gray. This leads me to the following possibilities:
1) The color gray is popular
2) Sex is popular
3) Fifty Shades of Gray is popular
4) references to erotica generate more page hits than references to The Muppets
All of these things are possible. And right now I'm all about shameless promotion. So for today's post, I will give you an orgy. Here it is:

ansfklanDSFL,ERW !!@^#$%^$GWgdgvazxmKMakw:":POPO*l%^#%@#bbbbasdarqwqwq(swanky music)e+++++===--342395($nnm,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone take a minute to throw some cold water on your face, I know that was intense. And hey! My page views have sky rocketed! I can now theorize that it could be because:
1) exclamation points are popular
2) blog orgies are all the rage

Either way I'm golden.


Thomas Peri said...

I was searching Google for bbbbasdarqwqwq, but this blog entry clearly has nothing to do with a barbe-bubba-astro-darwin-cue-we-cue-we-cue. (That's a barbecue with space, evolution, and Frank Sinatra themes.)

Genevieve said...

My next post MUST have a barbeque with space, evolution, and Frank Sinatra themes!

Jenn said...

No, I'd go with the Muppet orgy. As long as there's catapulting penguins involved.

Genevieve said...

I was I could type what catapulting penguins look like. Afterall, I had so much success with typing out an orgy.