Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things can suck sometimes

I haven't had the internet at home for a couple of weeks, which is why I haven't been able to keep up with blogging as planned. Hopefully within the next couple of months I will be able to reintroduce my house to the 21st century and the internet will be up and running again. With the budget cuts I've been making lately, it's been a struggle to keep up with 20th century's luxuries. I've been thinking about putting up a sign in the living room as a joke, one of those signs I've seen in pictures of old movie theaters in the 40's and 50's - "Now with air conditioning!" The sign would imply that we are thankful that our electricity is running because we were in danger of losing it before, but I don't think that the kids would get it. And even if they did I think they're still too little to understand that electricity does't run through our television by magic. We actually pay for it.

Anyway, I can blog again this coming Saturday, which is fabulantanastic (I'm creating slang!) because I can use a wireless connetion at a coffee shop AND because I've got a lot of material built up.

Started my full-time job at Ochsner yesterday. So far it's the spleen's knees. Later skaters...