Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Two days ago I wrote a blog post at home and saved it to my jump drive (a riveting beginning to this post, I know but bear with me). The idea was to blog at home and then upload it at my break at work. Work and the library are the only two places that I have access to the Internet right now. So, I thought, "Hey! I shouldn't spend work time blogging, so I'll do it on my own time and then upload it at work during my break! Work, writing, and blogging shall be done but none of the twain shall meet! Integrity is getting slung around like crazy over here!....But no. I have Microsoft Works at home and Microsoft Word at work. I can't pull up what I saved. I can't do it at the library either because they have Word instead of Works too. Which also means that (pause for seizures of frustration) I can't access the file of the new book that I'm working on ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD except for at home. Home!!! You know? That place full of humans and animals who all say that they want me to write but then get hungry for dinner or throw up the minute I begin typing? ARRRGH!!!

Anyway, I wrote the most awesome post ever, and now it's locked away in a file that I can only look at by myself at home. But speaking of locks, I have a new book that I'm working on. And speaking of books (note the build of of tension because I did not tell you about my new book right away. I learned that from writing, which is neato), Agent Sarah says that The Dylanson Obituaries have been rejected six times so far. She's submitted it to four other publishers and we're waiting to hear back from them.

I think that's what I wrote about in my locked away post, that Agent Sarah has been awesomely supportive. She said that she loves the book and believes in it and doesn't think I should change it, but keep trying to find a publisher who loves it too. That's very sweet of her but also nerve wrecking.
"Oh good," I told my girlfriend Michelle over the phone. "Someone just needs to fall in love with it. No pressure."
"It's been known to happen," she told me, simply. "Keep trying."

Despite my pirate-like protest, I am still trying. And while I wait for The Dylanson Obituaries to sell, I will be writing this new one. It's fantasy, which I've never written before but it's fun so far. It's about a female locksmith named Kelly. Because she who has the key has the power.