Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I'm not sure what to write so I'm just going to start scribbling and see what I get. Here, I drew this for you:

Nice, eh? I call it "Beginning Without End - a thing that looks like a unfinished thing." Hmm, I didn't write anything though. I just scribbled. Maybe I should give the scribble an adventure...

There once lived a line who looked like a unfolded paperclip. A bankrobber found him on the floor of his jail cell and said, "Hey! If I folded it back up I could use it as a paperclip to hold my coupons together."  His cellmate said, "Or we could NOT shape it back into a paperclip and instead use it as a pick to break the lock and bust out of here." The bankrobber considered this for a moment and said, "That's a sound argument, but if I have to look at that unoragnized stack of papers any longer I might kill someone." And so the undone paperclip loopy thingy became a paperclip once more, and it was always said of Cell 513 that it was the tidiest and that it was the place to go for your shopping and scribble-straightening needs. And they didn't even become anyone's bitches. The End.

Review? Ok, I'll bring in a couple of guys to do a review.
"Well, I like how the story evolved - a tale of one scribble's struggle for acceptance to a-"
"What in hell's name are you talking about, Franklin? There was no struggle, it was barely a story! A prisoner found a scribble on the ground, what was it doing on the ground, how did it get there? These things are never explained, we're just supposed to 'assume' it got there somehow and that a scribbly line can be picked up in the first place."
"Roger, a reader must suspend some disbelief in fiction."
"Well, I think this fiction asks for suspension that I can't quite handle."
"Oh, you can't handle anything! I had to talk you down after Because of Winn Dixie."
"A grocery store is not a place for animals!"
"Prison is an appropriate place for a scribble!"
(rips off shirt) "Because I have suspended my disbelief!!!"

Thank you, Franklin and Roger, always a literary delight.

On a completely unrelated note, I was listening to music on youtube, found this video, and realized that I dance JUST LIKE this. Only not as coornidated, and I mostly do the hip-shaky stuff alone in my kitchen. Also, if I could dress like Adam Ant in 1982 at my office, I would enjoy my job a whole lot more.

Heather, kind reader, sent me this picture of Adam Ant taken in November 2012, which I would like to remind you all was only two months ago:
Belly's going to get you: Adam was sporting somewhat of a paunch

AAAIGH!!! For the full article go here:

It is awesome that he's still singing at 30 years later and that he no longer wears makeup, but WOW he looks different.


Christy said...

Wow, that video led to lots of insight. I blame Adam Ant for my horrible dancing. I had such a crush on him when I was a kid.

Genevieve said...

Whoah! So a beloved reader of mine, Heather, posted this link of Adam Ant today:

I am now adding it to the blog itself. This is serious news, ladies and gentlemen!

Tom Harold said...

Excellent scribble with great fiction attached!

My sister liked Adam Ant when I was still in grade school. I was not prepared to see a man with so much makeup. I was also not prepared to see this same many 30-some years later wrapped in his old clothes, but kudos to him for still giving it his all. I'm glad I didn't make it big in music when I was young, as I have nothing from my past to still try to live up to. Also, when the heck did that video come out you posted? I only ever saw the fancier version with the girl in it. I think half the white people in the 80s danced like some cheaper version of Adam Ant, that bouncy, heady-bobby thing. Girls did, anyway, and Adam Ant, but like one video commenter said, he manages to pull it off.