Monday, January 7, 2013

Coffee Shop Closing

I'm at CC's Coffee House and they're going to close soon, which I wonder if they will still do if I explain to them that I haven't finished blogging yet.
"You haven't STARTED blogging yet," the barista tells me.
"Yes, I have. I'm blogging right now. That's why I'm typing while we talk, because I'm posting this conversation on the internet."
"....Go home."
"Oh come on! I haven't written anything about your enormous ear holes."
"Ear holes?"
"Yeah, your ears are big and I can almost see inside your head through your ear holes."
"Well, have you taken a look at your feet?"
"What about my feet?"
"They're like tennis rackets attached to your legs."
"Ear Hole!"
" can you stay open for twenty more minutes?"

And now they're closing and I have to go. But I will be back tomorrow to harass the barista some more, and perhaps get a blogpost out of it. Besides there's a lot to update you guys on. Yee!

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