Friday, January 2, 2009

Creature Feature House

So my second blog is:

I'll post something new every Friday. I was going to post something new every Thursday because I was supposed to get this thing up and running on the 1st, but there were the usual setbacks. Hopefully next week I won't post a day late and say, "The new blog shall now be updated every Saturday...until next week when it shall be posted on Sunday."

Here is a poem that I discovered yesterday. It's fantastic for the first of the year, and if you're on a self-discovery type road trip like I am:

In the Produce Aisle
by Kirsten Dierking

In the vivid red
of the fresh berries,
in the pebbled skin
of an emerald lime,
in the bright colorsof things made
to be transitory,
you see the same loveliness you find in your own
delicate flesh,

the lines fanned
around your eyes
charming likethe burnish
of plums,
your life like all the other fragile organics, your soft hand

hovering over
the succulent apple,
you reach for it,
already transforming.

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