Saturday, January 17, 2009

A brief report of happiness

Friends, I think all of the therapy is finally starting to pay off. I am truly happy this morning. I still have all of my same problems, and I'm hung over from going out to see The Fuzzy Dice last night, but I feel so serene.

I danced all night! I wasn't even done with my first drink before I started dancing and I really didn't worry about what I looked like or what anybody thought (mostly)! Particularly after a few whiskeys, but usually it takes me a few whiskeys before I really start to move. Elvis and Ray Charles cover songs filled me with glee. The screen above the musicians' heads that advertised "fried pickles" and "killer fries" added to the joint's delightfully cheesy mistique. No, actually, it's a cool place. Make that very cool - literally. It was about 20 degrees.

The kids are screaming. Must dash. Stay tuned next time when I blog about last Sunday's meditation hour at Wild Lotus, which was NOT boring! Come on, you miss my yoga posts, you know you do!


melissa bastian. said...

i love you happiness. next time i come down we'll have to go dancing. i look like a total moron when i dance, but i console myself by knowing that at least i have rhythm. so at least as i'm moving like i have some sort of nerve injury, i'm doing it to the beat. we'll hit the town! it'll be fun times! and keep up with the happy. it looks good on ya.

Genevieve said...

Next time you come in, or for my first New York trip we shall definitely go dancing!