Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political thoughts on a historical night

I know quite a few people who swear they'll move to Canada if Obama wins the election tonight. What confuses me is that these are all hard core Republicans and Canada is, from what I understand, socialist. Which is exactly the kind of government they want to avoid? My aunt on the other hand is scared of McCain and what he might do to the country.

I honestly don't know what to make about any of this. Truthfully, I'm not scared of either one of them. They both seem to have their pluses and minuses, and as someone who comes from a state where there are politicians who have burned crosses on people's lawns I have to say that I'm not easily intimidated.

What stumps me whenever I try to have a concrete opinion on an issue is that I gather as much information as I can to make a fully informed, correct decision. Let's see...what issue can I bring up that won't make my readers huffy? I don't think there is one. Ok, let's say the war. No, too crazy. Let's say abortion. Is there a soul in the embryo/zygote thing at the moment of conception? I don't know. I think so, but I don't really know. NOBODY knows. Nobody will EVER know. People can passionately believe one way or the other and they can debate about it, sure, but are either of them right? ...Oh you think so huh? Prove it. Oh, you can't! Because you're not a fucking zygote and neither am I. An abortion doctor is never going to hear a cry from a pregnant woman's belly, "Wait! I'm full of soul!" So this leaves me rather perplexed. I'd rather not kill anything, soul or no. Maybe it doesn't have a soul, hell, maybe my children don't have souls. I don't want to kill them though. BUT abortion is tied in with all these other women's rights issues that I am definitely for. Plus it's usually tied in with sex education, and safe sex stuff and these are also things that I'm definitely for.

So...I don't fucking know. I kept thinking the older I got the more sure I'd be about these types of things, but every year I'm less sure than before. I like America, and I like democracy and all that, but sometimes I wonder when we'll fall and how close we are to that. Because every world power, since the recording of history, has fallen. Even Rome. Everything has a life cycle - people, land, government, I mean everything. I guess that's why this big change that everyone keeps talking about, this big change that will come to pass when Bush is out of office, doesn't scare me. Maybe it should. Maybe this is the time the country will fall, but then maybe that time isn't for another couple hundred of years. I think things in the near future will be interesting anyway.

Ok. Those are my thoughts for the night. Feel free to disagree with, correct, or root for my ramblings in the comment section. Should I really have chosen abortion? Well, yes. It's one of the things I agonize over - don't want to repress women but don't want to kill potential women (or men)! Ahhhhhh! Anyway, opinions are welcomed and appreciated to add to my already overactive brain.


Anonymous said...

Aha, but you see... Canada is not all that socialist anymore.
We have a Conservative federal government. In fact, on fiscal issues nearly every federal party is relatively conservative, with deficit spending now considered taboo in this country.
We also have very strong provincial rights (what you would call state rights) in Canada. Consequently, there are essentially a few different Canadas. Out in Ontario and Quebec (our rust belt provinces), we have the Canada that looks like the American great lake and rust belt states. Liberal, protectionist, wanting government to take care of them.

Out west, however, we have conservative philosophies. Especially in Alberta, with a low-taxes, small-government philosophy. The corporate tax rate is 10%.

So to all Republicans and others who don't want to be governed by President Socialist Obama: bring your labour and your capital and your free enterprise spirit to Alberta. We will happily welcome you. You even get to keep your American citizenship, since our federal government allows dual citizenship.

Genevieve said...

Wow...I'm just excited that someone in Canada who I don't know has read my blog. I think that makes me officially trendy.

Really? Not all that socialist? That's interesting. You might be getting a few of my family members then! I would ask some other questions about Canada's government but that would reveal my true political ignorance. And Lawd, that runs deep!

Ray said...

I never said I'd move to canada, but I will fight for what i believe in.

Financially the country is screwed up, but no one on either side will take credit for their actions that caused this. And there were big players directly responsible, who were actually on the Obama advisory team. look it up.

The abortion thing... well, Obama said that, if his own daughters accidentally got pregnant, the shouldnt be burdened by a mistake.
He also fought against the infant born alive act, and said that a baby that survives a botched abortion, can be left to die in a closet at the hospital. On top of that, he said saving the child would only complicate the mothers decision to have an abortion.
I dare anyone who feels bad about putting out a mouse trap, or cries when they take their wounded pet to the vet to be put down, to tell me that its okay to let a child, whose only failing is that his underdeveloped lungs are too weak to support him, but struggles for up to an hour to live nonetheless, be allowed to die...
...and die alone,
so that someone else will not have to live up to the God given responsibilities that life throws at them.

Its tough for everyone to deal with, but as I always say it boils down to responsibility.
If everyone takes true responsibility, for their own actions, their own children, and their own sex lives, these problems would all but dissapear.
No one minds helping those in need, especially me. I am always there for everyone, even to my own personal detriment. But i ask no one to fix my bills for me, no one to help me pay for everything i want becasuse cost are getting too high.
If i cant afford my house anymore, I will probably be very sad, and then i'll have to tear my family away from the lives they love and move us somewhere we can afford.
No one likes responsibility,
and no one takes any when things are given to them.

these are the reasons I am a conservative.

These are the reasons I would give up my life or the shirt off my back to defend the life and liberty of even the most unpatriotic or unappreciative people in this country.
Responsibility demands that I act from my heart, as the situation demands. Whether in supoorting friends, both physically and emotionally, supporting family, or supporting my beliefs and my country.

If not, then what am I worth.

I am just a burden on society, and I might as well not work, go on welfare permanently, take government housing, buy a 52" plasma tv and an xBox with government handouts taken from the taxes of all you taxpaying schmos out there.

Peace All!

Tom said...

I'm historically short on words when it comes to politics, but I will say that I'm ready for some kind of movement, just about any kind at this point. I think the country as a whole was just happy to say "out with the one, in with the other."

Canada allows dual citizenship? I wouldn't mind a change in scenery. Do they have drag strips in Alberta?

Genevieve said...

That was well said, Ray. I'm not for killing unborn infants or embryos. I believe that they do have souls, I don't think the soul is something that grows with the liver and the brain as a baby develops. Also, I believe that every person should be held responsible for their actions, sexually and especially financially.

The reason I become confused and indecisive is because I don't believe that there are many black and white answers. For instance, finance. When it comes to the elderly, poor children and the physically and mentally handi-capped I believe that other Americans like me should help take care of them. Almost every culture for thousands of years has taken care of the weaker, helpess members of their community. But how far do we go? Should we say that we shouldn't help poor children get food or medical care because their parents are irresponsible people? Are their parents irresponsible people because tax money took care of THEM as children? So does that mean we should let a generation of children go uncared for to break the cycle?

That's a weighty decision. I admit that it's irresponsible of me to not make up my mind. I'm working on it. Thanks for commenting, man. You always give me stuff to think about.

Genevieve said...

Also, are some of their parents poor because they're used to being taken care of, or as products of rotten poverty-stricken school system, do they not start off with much of a shot anyway? My friend Adeirah grew up in a poor neighborhood and when she went to college parts of her family stopped talking to her because they accused her of trying to "be white." She did it anyway, and graudated but she needed help. The system was set up to help people like Adeirah who started off at a disadvantage, and suceeded. She supports herself now.