Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Dominican Reunion

Last night I think I made up for all the drinking and the talking that I didn't do in high school. Dude, I had the best time and if this post is poorly written it's because I've got a hangover and I'm working on my first cup of coffee.

Everybody was (eyes filling with tears, bottom lip quivering with overly dramatic joy) so nice! I was nervous about seeing a couple of girls in particular because I know they thought I was a dweeb but when they saw me they both looked genuinely happy and said, "Genevieve!" and I exclaimed, in equal delight, "You!" I, uh, suffered a brain glitch and couldn't rememeber one of their names, BUT! that was ok because it turns out that barely any of us could remember each other's names. In a pinch you could just call someone Laura or Jennifer because out of the 200 girls in my graduating class, 198 of them were named Laura or Jennifer. We got together at Midcity Rock & Bowl, and some of us attempted to bowl but we all kept talking so much that I don't think any of us finished a game. There were people in my class who became phD's and marines who fly planes AND are moms at the same time. I can't even drink coffee and type at the same time right now.

After the party at Rock & Bowl five of us went out to another bar and just hung out and talked and drank. And drank. Chris drove home. But anyway, these four other chicks were girls I didn't talk to on a regular basis in high school, but I wanted to. They were funny and cool, and it turns out that they all (another gasp) liked me and thought I was nice. Apparently I was seen as sweet but painfully shy. That was a huge step up from my reputation in junior high which was more along the lines of a quiet tomboy shaped like a Wookie.

You know, the reason I set my book in a public school is because, even though The D.O.'s originated at Dominican, my worst school experiences were in the public schools in Luling. Dominican changed my life. I learned how to study there. Although I was shy, I eventually made friends there who I identified with and they were other smart, creative people. Befriending Jennifer led me to meet Fred, who led me to Christy and a whole group of people that I'm still friends with. There are times I wonder if I would have survived if I had gone to the Luling public high school instead of Dominican. The majority of the kids there were meaner, less educated, and in the late 80's there were fights and drug raids on a regular basis. I hear they've cleaned up the school now, but back then it was hell.

Anyway, I'm babbling and I have to get dressed and stuff for the day. And I've just got to call Jennifer and give her the dish!


biggearhead said...

I'm so glad it turned out well!

melissa bastian. said...

oh, you crazy crazy catholic school girls.