Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mother spits coffee back into cup at sight of pimple

Claire, my nine year old, my baby, my kid who still wants me to wave to her when she gets on the school bus, has a pimple! A PIMPLE is boldly sitting there on my daughter's chin as if she's aging or something. What's worse is that her mother is blogging about it. But dudes, you know what this means. That pimple is a beacon. It's an implication of things to come. Soon! And you know what that implication is, don't you? That's right! It means that I'm getting older. Ladies and gentlemen, that pimple is all about me! MEEE!

No, I'm kidding. She's moving from prepubescent to slighty pubescent. It's a beautiful thing if you can get past that fact that "pubescent" has the word "pubes" in it. It made me sad and excited at the same time. She's going to be such a beautiful woman, despite the acne.

Ok, I have to get the rest of my kids ready for school. Christopher wants a granola bar and a hamburger for breakfast.

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