Friday, October 3, 2008

Stepping out

I have been depressed since yesterday afternoon and I'm tired of it. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to a friend telling her how happy I was with this whole getting to know myself thing, and right after I sent it I became mindbogglingly depressed. It was an e-mail all about me. How ME is doing, how I'm proud of ME. ME ME ME ME...I didn't even ask her how she was doing and she's plenty stressed out these days. So by telling someone that I'm becoming happy with and proud of myself I suddenly fell into "must hate myself mode." Dude, I would explain it but it has nothing to do with logic.

So! I have been invited to hear my friend Fred's band play, and I have said hell yes! I have showered. I have dressed nicely but not too nice. You know. I don't look like ass on a stick. I have arranged for the children to stay at my aunt's house, and I am going out! Me and Christy! I am having one drink and with my tolerance I will probably fall on the floor! Woohoo!

Aw shit I'm still depressed. But I'm going to try to forget all of that, and give my brain a break.


melissa bastian. said...

rock on fred. rock on gen. rock on christy.

Genevieve said...

We did! More jazzy details to come.

christina said...

One drink?

Who wants jazzy details? I got some jazzy details.

Genevieve said...

uhhhhh...yeah. I had more than one drink. Dancing was involved. Christy drove us home. What other details should I hit on, Christy?

christina said...

You neglected to mention the guy with the missing teeth. I think he liked you.

I like your car. I'll drive it home whenever you want!