Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween kitten name suggestions

I'm all over the place this morning. Claire and I are congested and feel awful. She's staying home with me today, and there's so much to do that I don't know where to start. So I will begin by writing. That's always best.

The good news is that yesterday we got a kitten. My sister April rescued this little 6-8 week old, solid black kittie from...I don't remember where. Some place where the orphaned kittens are gorgeous. But then the guy she and Clint rent from said that he didn't want a kitten in the house, so she asked if we'd take it. The condition was that we had to keep her name - Delilah.

April has a history of giving animals formal names. She once had a hamster named Diane. I've mostly given my pets names from books or movies, like my cat Dribble (after the pet turtle in Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing). I originally wanted to name Lily "Piglet" after the Winnie the Pooh character because of her size and because she made worried grunting noises. If I had my way I would name this kitten "Poe" after Edgar Allen Poe because of its blackness and because it's close to Halloween. I would name her "Raven" after "The Raven," but that name makes me think of "That's So Raven" on The Disney Channel, and not the haunting poem. I don't know, maybe I'll still throw that one on the table. Are there any other suggestions? Even if we still keep her name as Delilah formally, I'll still call her something else. I call Lily "Lillith," "Lillian," "Lilifoot," "Snorts," "Poochini," "Doggins," "Pupperooni," and "Pupkins." And when the kids are at school "waggedy bastard." As a term of endearment. So far I've called the kitten "Nibbles." Please put an end to the endless cuteness rolling forth from my brain!

Chris and I had our hesitations about the cat. We just got leather couches, which make excellant scratching posts, and now that the kids are potty trained and the dog is housebroken we really don't want to deal with any more waste. But April said that kitten immediately took to the litterbox, and so far there haven't been any accidents in the house. So fingers crossed.

More to add later.


melissa bastian. said...

Kitten kitten kitten kitten kitten! I want a kitten so bad! If I wasn't terribly allergic I'd probably have one by now. In fact I'd probably have had one about a month after I figured out it was best not to move Monkey up here. Names for kitten: Spider, Pepper, Orion, Starling.

biggearhead said...

I'm also allergic to many (but not all?) cats. My neighbors had a black one named Blackie - which is what you get when you ask a 5-year-old to name a pet.

Jet. That would be mine. Jet Black.

Fortunately, I don't have the Disney Channel, so "That's So Raven" only reminds me of Kevin Alexander.

Licorice. Squib. Isn't a squib a writing utensil? One you dip in ink, so it's black? There's nib, but that sucks. Inky is boring, but Ink sounds okay for some reason. Coal, Shadow, Midnight, Onyx (this, unfortunately, now sounds like anything from an R&B album), Obsidian (rather ungainly, though you could call it Sid for short!), Elvira (Mistress of the Dark), or Stella, 'cause then you could stand at the foot of the stairs and just yell her name repeatedly, and you'd be all cinematic and stuff.

christina said...

I looked up names that have the word "black" in their meaning and found this website, which has some interesting names listed. Such as "Smith."

My favorite is "Merle" which means blackbird. Not black cat, I know, but I like it. I also like "Chernobog" which means the black god.

Genevieve said...

You guys thought of some kickass stuff! Mel, I thought of Spider too because of how long, skinny, dark and fuzzy her legs are. I'e called her "Spider Woman" a few times.

Tom, Jet is fucking cool! Did you also know that Paul McCartney's song "Jet" was about his dog? "Martha My Dear" from the White Album is ode to a Paul dog too. Perhaps this is more information than you bargained for, but I must dole out my Beatles trivia for the day.

Christy, BLACK GOD?? KICK ASS! But I agree with you on the blackbird name. It has a certain mystique.

Unfortunately, Delilah has stuck. I've been calling her Dee Dee, though.

biggearhead said...

I had Paul's "Jet" going through my head after I wrote that. It is cool, thanks. I commend me (slightly) for it. It also reminds me of that band Jet, which isn't quite so historical or anything. I don't think I even really know the words to Paul's "Jet," but I like that song. My drummer is a stone Beatles friggin' idiot. It's funny, until it's not, and then you just kind of want him to get on to another subject.

melissa bastian. said...

spider was the name of my / my family's first cat, when I was like eight. I think my grandpa actually named her.