Monday, October 13, 2014

Shriek! Gasp!

I can never go this long without logging on again because through the click of a couple of keys, I accidently deleted the post Why Gay Moms Should Play Softball. It's gone. And now no one will know why gay moms should play softball.

This is like some sort of blog trauma. It's NOWHERE! It's like I never wrote it. It makes me want to gather my other blog posts around me and hold them!

Or maybe have another cup of coffee for now because I'm at work and I shouldn't be blogging. I should be drinking coffee and resetting passwords. But just so ya know...I'm back. Que the music and the dancing boys!

PS- gay moms should play softball because I do and everyone should copy everything that I do at all times.
PPS - Except maybe that. No, don't imitate that. Now that I've seen you do it, I think it looks weird on me.

1 comment:

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