Monday, September 2, 2013

Creature Update

In case you have any interest I just updated Creature Feature House. Which you can check out quickly and easily by clicking on the linkedy thing I provided in that first sentence.

So why is it that I update Payphone Vigilante so often and not Creature Feature House? Well...honestly I think it's because I have a hard time keeping up with more than one blog. I like everything in one place. But I've had requests for it lately and that does things to my ego, PLUS since I've been giving my writing career a whole lot more attention I've gotten slightly better at organization so everything doesn't feel like a huge ball of disorganized mess, unlike this run-on sentence. Hard copies of stories are in files with labels, I have a notebook where I write the date, the amount of time I spent writing that day, what I wrote, where I sent it, another detail that's probably boring for you to read, and so on and so forth.

OH! And I have gotten one thing published in the last month. But it's under that pen name that I talked about using, and I would share it with you but that would just be silly of me. When I get something else published under my real name, which is Genevieve Rheams, I'll let you know.

Ok, ok. I'll give you my pen name. It's Ellen DeGeneres. Go! Buy all of my things!

And now back to writing. Making Ellen DeGeneres famous is hard work.

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