Saturday, August 10, 2013

You Might Have Noticed a Change

Anyone who checked out the blog yesterday might have noticed that the post "The Bitch of This Terminal Disease" has been taken down. Since I'm not entirely sure how I feel about revealing stuff that would embarrass my family on my blog, I've decided to revert it to a draft until I figure that out. I think it's important to write about that kind of stuff but I'm thinking about publishing it under a pen-name so that I can write freely about it without incriminating anybody. Other than myself, of course. I live to incriminate myself.

So today I'm working on something different. Just wanted to write a quick note about it so that my loyal vigilantes wouldn't check out the blog and say, "What happened to all of that stuff she wrote yesterday? Why do I live in such an unpredictable, inconsistent world?" I like to think that you say things like this because it means that your world revolves around my writing and those are the kinds of readers I need.

Since I've been writing more often, I've been giving serious that as to how I would like the blog to be. After all, it's going to be part of my website that I'm working on which will be tied into ALL of the writing I'm working on. Books, short stories, essays and blogginess. So do I want my blog to be a place where I occasionally write about the addicts in my life? I'm thinking no. I'm keeping posts like Performance Art because I don't really out anyone but myself as someone who's survived sex abuse. And I don't have a problem with writing about how that affects me today. As to naming my abusers, that's a little different and I think that might be where the pen-name comes in. I would share my ideas of pen-names I'm thinking of but then that would blow the idea of anonymity.

A new post will appear later today. I pinky swear. AND I promise to post a link to my website once it's up, which means I need to get on the ball today for figuring out how I want it to look and what's going to go on it.

Hold on, I think I'll blog about that. And in it I will figure out how to incriminate myself in five new ways.

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