Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Momentary Lapse

My Dear Lovely Readers,

I figure if I call you guys lovely things it will make up for my lack of writing. Oh dear, sweet, wonderful, literate, brilliant people that you it working? Or are you the type who will only pay attention if I call you bad things? Because I can do that if called upon, but I won't, lest this post sink to a whole new level. I can, however, direct you to a number of artciles that go out of their way to insult people. Articles titled things like, "People Who Like Bamboo Furniture Would Also Have Voted for Hitler." WHAM! Bamboo fans everywhere slapped in the face! But you won't find that here. And isn't that refreshing? To know that when I do write, it's only meant to make you smile, even if say there's a two week delay?

Which brings me to the delay. I'm switching internet providers. I don't know why I didn't just say that before. I know! I know! I'm terrible at communication! Believe me, this has come up in relationships before. Anyway, I won't get internet at my house again for another week at the lastest and we're all feeling the pain of it. Mostly because my daughters and I have become obsesssed with the series "Once Upon a Time." We're watching it on Netflix, and we haven't finished watching the first season yet. You love it too?? I KNOW, it's addcitive, right? (just go along with the conversation we're having in my head even though some of you are thinking, "People who like 'Once Upon a Time' are worse than people who like bamboo furniture.") It's so good! The storylines! The drama! The whole Brother's Grimm-ness of it all! All thwarted and delayed because I'm switching internet providers! ARRRGHH!!

Oh, and it also means I'm blogging less. I'm at my parent's house right now. They think I'm paying bills. Hee hee! Oh, and I did. Pay my bills. But (whispers) I'm also talking to you guys. I can't wait to get back to our daily talks.

And see this is where my bad communication comes in, right? Because we're not really have a conversation, you're just reading what I say. So in fairness, you may add to the commentary and when you say, "I think people who switch internet providers are worse than people who enjoy watching shows about fairy tale characters who live in Maine and drive trucks," I'll imagine that you said, "I've been waiting for someone to blog about that show! You rock! Never pay your bills again, blog to me only and forever!"

I love this relationship.

ps- Next I will update Creature Feature House
pps- I also like bamboo furniture.


Constant Wanderer said...

I noted your absence, missed you, and am happy to have you back.
And since we're not paying for the privilege of your lovely, literary tongue in our ear, we can't really complain, now, can we?

Kirste Harrison said...

I read three posts and I'm hooked. No one's ever called me lovely before... Thanks for that. :)

Genevieve said...

Sarah - Give it time, eventually I will be paid to do this and you may complain all you like :)

Kirste - thanks! Now I feel lovely. Isn't reciprocity a beautiful thing?

Tom Harold said...

What about bamboo bicycles? I'm not making this up. They exist. My bro-in-law is very interested in building one. That, or having me weld one up for him out of some kind of fancy metal.

Kirste, just to add to the wonderful: You are lovely. Apologies to any significant other who may be offended by that comment.