Tuesday, February 14, 2012

They Should All Ring

I was just updating Creature Feature House (which you can read here http://creaturefeaturehouse.blogspot.com/) and writing about how I lose things in piles of clutter when I had a BRILLIANT IDEA! The reason I can find my phone when it's underneath piles of discarded stuff is because it rings. So, all of my stuff should ring! Car keys, magazines, books, bags of trail mix, shoes - ALL of it should have a ring tone so that I can call them when they're missing! How else am I going to know that my toothbrush is under the television?

This is the best idea I've ever had! It will make decluttering obsolete! Maybe I'll even equip my things with wifi and and a camera. This must be how Steve Jobs felt when he would come up with his ideas. Maybe the ipod was created when he couldn't find his computer because it was under a stack of burritoes, and he thought "I bet I could find that computer if I could call it, like a lost phone. Hey! A computer that's also a phone! (munches on burrito from the pile) This is my best idea ever!"

Yes, Steve, and I'm taking it a step further! EVERYTHING will ring and have internet access! Decluttering will be a thing of the past! Slobs like me are in future! Ha ha!


Jenn said...

chocolate sings to me - does that count?

Genevieve said...