Friday, July 9, 2010

More coffee is in order

It's morning. I'm thirsty. Thirsty for more coffee. Morning will end soon and I will be one of those people who drink it past the AM hours. And I don't care. Because without it I will be staggering through the halls of the hospital, hand to my aching head, moaning like an un-caffeinated zombie.

I came across an interesting poem by Erica Jong today. This is it:

You are there.
You have always been
Even when you thought
you were climbing
you had already arrived.
Even when you were
breathing hard,
you were at rest.
Even then it was clear
you were there.
Not in our nature
to know what
is journey and what is
Even if we knew
we would not admit.
Even if we lived
we would think
we were just
To live is to be
Certainty comes
at the end.

So according to this poem, I already have coffee...[peeks hopefully into empty mug] Damn it! Poetry has never steered me wrong before! Wait, wait, maybe I'm reading it wrong...maybe it means that the materials to build a mug of coffee are already at my feet. I just have to get up and put it all together...Damn it! No interpretation suits my needs! The whole point of motivational writing is to suit my needs!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to get back to work. This also does not suit my needs. However, a paycheck most indubitably suits my needs. All this talk of suits. I don't like suits. I'm much more of a jeans and T-shirt girl. But to say that something does not jeans-and-T-shirt my needs makes no sense.

More coffee is in order. Then I will blog about how I feel about the word "whatever." Its use is rampant and someone's got to say something, goddammit.


Heather said...

I think it means that you are at the beginning of your journey towards steaming hot mugs of joy. I also drink my coffee into the afternoon.

Genevieve said...

Hee hee hee! Steaming hot mugs of joy! I love it!

Tom said...

I've been slow on the java these past few weeks. Don't know why, as I've certainly not been all that awake. Hmmm...

WV: extherro - v. to remove one's socks in a carefree manner, often after realizing they've been spotted with spilled coffee, unfortunately.

Constant Wanderer said...

No, no, no, see... it means that since past, present and future are all one, in theory, you not only already have coffee but have already had coffee...

melissa bastian. said...

I'm not allowed to drink coffee anymore.

In other news, it's pouring rain outside. And I mean pouring.

flate: verb. to magically refill one's coffee cup through sheer will of belief. ex.: "Dude, she totally just flated that mug! She must really believe in the power of coffee."