Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kicking Activities

Ok, so yesterday WAS my only post for the day. I meant to blog more. Really and truly I did. Real life got in the way. It always does that and it's really annoying and she and I are going to have to sit down and have a long talk. It would go like this:

me: Hello, Life. Thank you for coming in to see me on such short notice.
Life (taking a seat across from my big, important desk): Sure. Can we make this quick? I gotta be somewhere.
me: Yes, that's what I wanted to bring up. You're too busy.
Life (getting up and beginning to rearrange the furniture): Uh huh.
me: And it's very stressful and distracting.
Life (repainting the walls a color I don't like): Ok.
me: And I would like it very much if you would stop for a while. You know, maybe take a break?
Life (ripping up the carpet): HA!
me: It's just that...hey, are you listening?
Life: Of course. Go on.
me: Well...see, you're doing it right now.
Life (bringing in dogs off the street who begin to eat my desk): Doing what?
me: Everything! Stop it!
Life (gazing at me, turning her head slightly and then reaching for my hair): You would look fabulous in gray.
me: AHHH!

On second thought maybe I'll cancel that meeting. Anyway, time's is busy. It's about to get busier since I signed Christopher up for soccer and Claire for drama. This means driving to places after work. Oy.

I gave Christopher the choice between football and soccer because they go on at the same time and, though Life thinks that I'm two people, she's wrong, and I can't be both places at once. So I asked him which he preferred, sure that he would say football, and was surprised when he said soccer.

"Really?" I asked. "Not football?"
"No," he said.
"How come? I thought you wanted to play football."
"No," he said, and thought a moment. "I don't wanna be tackled."
"That makes sense," I said.
"And I want to kick things."
"...That makes sense too."

I mean, hell, I'd like to kick things most of the time.

As for Claire, I think it will be fantastic to give her drama a proper outlet. When she begins to fly off the handle at home I will simply pick her up, toss her into the van, deliver her to the stage, and say, "Here. Go nuts. Run free like a dog in the park."

So what is Emma involved in? I need to call back the place where she was taking yoga. She wants to get back into that. What she really wants to do is join a shopping club, but I have told her that there is no such thing. If I could, I would go inside of her brain and erase all memory of what a mall is, and then hide their existence so she never learns.

What am I involved in? Apparently soccer, drama, and shopping. And driving. Lots and lots of driving.


Jenn said...

Tell life I said to give you a couple of days break. We must finish what we started. See you soon!

Tom said...

"Run free like a dog in the park."

This should become a universal exhortation along the lines of "Just do it" or some other corporate-pushed slogan. Perhaps a call to Nike is in order?

WV: riciri - noun, that feeling you get that you're being watched, usually accompanied by the feeling that you have something hanging from your nose or stuck in your teeth, and often occurring at a soccer game.

Genevieve said...

Jenn - indeed. There's a story to finish!

Tom - Nike for dogs! I love it!

melissa bastian. said...

Is Pam going to be popping in as well?

Shopping? Really? I must say I'm surprised. Though when I was that age, I LIVED to go to the mall to buy tiny erasers shaped like ice cream cones and such. I'm pretty sure they were Japanese. They were AWESOME.

I too like to kick things. Christopher is going to be awesome at soccer.

Life said...

All those walls in your house - don't you find those restrictive?

Do you have any ginger ale?