Friday, June 11, 2010

Beastly Misspellings

This will be short, but it didn't fit in with my other entry today and I wanted to share.

The kids have a new babysitter and I went over the rules with them as I always do when a sitter comes. No other kids over, do what she says, brush your teeth, be on your best behavior, etc. So Emma made a list of expectations for herself while in the sitter's care. Though I don't remember all of them word-for-word, I remember the last one precisely:

1 - Brush my teeth
2 - Keep my room clean
3- Be on my beast behavior

The question is, since this is Emma, was that REALLY a misspelling? We'll never know. But if she's is ever in a rock band I'm going to insist she call it "Beast Behavior."

Also, in other kid fun, I made Christopher eat all of his corn last night and he tilted his head back and cried miserably, "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! I WISH CORN NEVER EXISTED!"

Dig the drama.


lopsidedpigeon said...

Next time he rues the day corn was invented, try reminding him that without corn, the majority of snack food would not exist as it is... Let's just take a moment to remember the gummy bears (or maybe it was worms you wrote about).


Genevieve said...

This is so true! Fritos would be completely out of the picture! Thank you lopsided pigeon!

Tom said...

I thought of Fritos immediately as well.

Are friend pork rinds made from corn? I think that's a legitimate question.

Word Verification: sliypu - (I looked it up, and it's indecent of me to pass this on in a public forum. Beastly word!)

melissa bastian. said...

Methinks that little Christopher becomes a bit more like Emma every day.

As for Emma's list, I would like to see an illustrated version please.

And as for Claire, has she found a good attorney for a pro bono action against that dreadful ice cream man?