Monday, June 21, 2010

4:55 pm

I've got five minutes left of work and nothing left to do but stare at the clock. It would be so much more classic and dramatic if a whistle blew but then that might disturb the patients in other parts of the hospital.

4:56 pm
Yesterday I drank so much coffee I think that it has now replaced the water in my blood and so now my veins are filled with coffee and whatever else blood is made of.

4:57 pm
What the hell IS blood made of? One of my smart friends is going to answer that, aren't they? One of them who is incredibly intelligent but also a smart ass will say, "It's made of red."

4:58 pm
Does it really take me a full minute to type a sentence? Wow, I thought I was faster than that. Do you guys remember the band Faster Pussycat? Man, they sucked. I don't even remember any of their songs, they sucked that bad.

4:59 pm
Maybe I should have another cup of coffee before I leave. I hear it's good for my circulation. The coffee-to-red content in my blood is off. Need to balance out.

5:00 pm
Time to hit the road.


Tom said...

Faster Pussycat had a song called "House of Pain" that was decent in its genre. Sad, though. Don't go Youtube it. I mean it!

Word Verification: recorpo - n. short-lived production process used in the music industry during the 80s, particularly by glam-metal bands such as Cinderella, Poison, and Faster Pussycat. The process varied in application, but consisted of three main elements, guitar, guitar, guitar, and hairspray. Notepads were often employed to keep track of how many elements "three" actually is. Sometimes this didn't help matters.

melissa bastian. said...

It's made of red.