Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Agent Sarah reporting for duty in May

Agent Sarah wrote back to me. I don't think I updated that here. She said that she is excited to get the latest draft, and that her work is backed up a mile so she will be able to get back to me in May. This was a couple of weeks ago, when May was further away. Like a couple of weeks away. Now it's 2 days away. What do you think the odds are that she'll read it in two days? And fall in love with it? And meet a publisher the next day at lunch who will also love it and buy it for many, many dollars? Like more dollars than I have now?

Ok, let's do something. READERS OF MY BLOG! We're all going to concentrate on the same thing all at once for a couple of seconds. Are you ready? This is truly exciting. Never before has this been done on a blog EVER! THAT I KNOW OF! Everybody imagine that Agent Sarah says my book is ready to!... YAY! Thank you thank you! People, you have made blog history! Or blistory!

More on this as it develops.

Hey, and something else I just noticed. I'm blogging more again. This is a good sign of things, I think.


melissa bastian. said...

I like Agent Sarah and her May Plan. I like More Blogging. And I like You.

That is all.

Except that my word verification is Snients, which I think should be the name of our clan. The Snients. Let it be so.

Genevieve said...

Her May Plan! I like that. It has charm in that springy, charmy way.

Snients. Hee hee! That does sound like the name of a clan, like a science-fictiony one.

Tom said...

I've heard about this Agent Sarah. She generally secures book deals worth billions of dollars, or at least she's really nice - I've heard that too.

I'm sorry you asked me to concentrate. My grade school teachers consistently commented on my report cards: "Daydreams too much." I'm not the best man for this job.

Word Verification: culubdow - American slang for "pickle slice, dill."

Genevieve said...

My teacher's comments always said, "Not working up to full potential" and "doesn't pay attention." And then usually somewhere on there, "A sweet, quiet girl."