Friday, September 19, 2008

In the mail

The book is in the mail, my people! Yesterday in a last minute inspiration I comepletely rewrote the last chapter. It's not as etreme as it sounds. Chaprter 14 is only four pages long, but I think it was a necessary revision and I'm happy with it. And now to concentrate on personal essays!

But first! There's laundry to be done! It's ok, this isn't going to be one of those days when I resent laundry because I haven't written yet.

Much love and less lanudry to you all! Kisses! Clouds! Puppy dogs! Hugs! Happy, girlie exclamation points, and "i"s dotted with hearts!



Libby said...

Do you need an editor to help with your spelling, especially in this post? What happened here?

Genevieve said...

I'm, uh, reinventing grammar and spelling? Yes, thatz it! brilyant!

Genevieve said...


melissa bastian. said...

I think that you were just so overwhelmed with the excitement of completion that your fingers got ahead of themselves... alot. Or maybe they've been drinking while you weren't looking. You know how fingers can get.