Sunday, September 21, 2008

The hermit crab's alive! The hermit crab's alive!

Shelly the hermit crab is ALIVE! Those of you who didn't know that we have a hermit crab must be cofused, and those of you who know that we do probably don't know that I thought she was dead, but she is NOT!

Allow me to explain. Shelly the hermit crab and Lily the dog both evacuated with us for Gustav. Then when we came back, my friend Thomas dogsat, and we decided to take Shelly with us to Disney World. It probably would have been ok with him if I'd asked him to crabsit as well, but I wasn't thinking clearly at the time and Thomas is a busy man with pets of his own (I just reread this sentence. Is it me, or is "crabsit" a revolvting term? I think most words with "crab" in them are damned by STD association) Anyway, Lily thrived, but I thought we'd lost Shelly with all the travel. She stopped eating...Ok, I lost her food. She had a good supply, though, and I was hoping to find it or buy more before her dish ran out, but by the time I went to refill it I noticed that her shell hadn't moved lately. I tapped on it a few times, which ordinarily makes her poke out of her shell and wave an angry claw at me, but I got no reaction. I've spent the last few days trying to figure out how to tell the kids that she was dead. I know it's just a hermit crab, but...we've all been through so much together this summer. We lost the Sprinkles the tadpole to what we believe was a lettuce related incident. Sniff. No seriously, the kids miss their dad so they're extra sensitive to everything and (as you all know between all of the al-anon/yoga/soul business) so am I.

But she's alive!!! I walked into the front room and saw her climbing the walls of her cage (lord, that sounds evil) so I ran to check her food and water supply, refilled them, and grinned as she waved an angry claw at me.

It was a hard but good day. I went to yoga, prayed a LOT, called my sponsor, took lots of deep breaths, felt better, bought the kids fastfood, came home and found the hermit crab alive. Good day.

Oh! Mel, what is the link to your blog again? I haven't caught up in ages.


melissa bastian. said...

Hi! Yeah, hermit crabs are fickle like that. Maybe he's wanting to change shells? You know they have to do that sometimes. And you have a sponge in his water right? Of course you do.

Thom quite enjoyed your dog; apparently she has many of the same hysterical mannerisms of Jani... but she actually listens and behaves and stuff. Sounds like the perfect dog.

Anyway, you can read all of my ridiculous trials and tribulations at
Prepare yourself for a lot of whining about weddings and job hunting. :P

Of course you could become my first "follower", and then I'd be yours and you'd be mine and it would be this beautiful thing that we could share together. *Snif.*

Genevieve said...

How do I indeed become a follower?

More comments to come after I get the kiddies off to school.

biggearhead said...

Sprinkles Cancienne has passed? Sadness.

I had a hermit crab years ago. Lovely little fella, not so good at playing catch, though. I am glad Shelly is living. They are much more fun alive.

melissa bastian. said...

Greetings and salutations. As far as "following", go to your dashboard. Scroll down. Follow your instincts.

melissa bastian. said...

OR since I finally added the app, you can do it straight from my page now. Aarg, I'm a pirate.

P.S. - I too mourn for sprinkles.

biggearhead said...

I truly did love the name "Sprinkles Cancienne." It pops up in my head sometimes for no reason, and I wonder that it may do that for the rest of my life. I can't help these things.

I think Melissa is cool for knowing how to "add apps." These are fancy, scary, internet-y thing's I've not grappled with yet. I wonder how to do that on my Wordpress blog? Actually, I wonder how to reply to your posts using my Wordpress ID instead of this Blogspot one, which I've not been all too active with lately.

Oh, and Melissa, best luck to you in riding all the subway lines in New York. I do so want to see that happen!

melissa bastian. said...

Hee. Thanks Mr. Gearhead guy! as far as being fancy, I dunno about that. You're the one with a wordpress blog. And as far as the subways, yes! It's my favorite project ever. Your comment reminded me that I needed to finally write and post the E train blog - which I finally did. So, 5 down, a whole lot to go...

Genevieve said...


I think you would like to see Tom's (Gearhead Dude's) creative pursuits. He's going through a renaissance of his own that involves drawing, sculpture, writing, music and photography. It's the bees knees.