Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I have the internet at home again! I just set it up last night all by myself and nothing exploded! Hooooooraaaaaay!!! If only I could show you how I feel! I feel...like these guys:

Oh, internet. Let's never take a break again.
Internet: Ok, but you're a little too enthusiatic about this and it's creeping me out.
Me: Am I? Should I act more casual?
Internet: No, you can be excited. Just stop offering me flowers and lighting candles around my router.
Me: No candles? They're vanilla cupcake scented.
Internet: I have no sense of smell.
Me: Sigh. Then I guess I should eat the breakfast I made for you.
Internet: ...You made me breakfast?
Me (tauntingly): Yeeeees.
Internet: You can have the biscuits. Shove the bacon into the USB port.

I knew we'd get along again.


Kirste Harrison said...

Your cheeriness rubs off on me. Much needed and appreciated. :)

Tom Harold said...

I had to go without internet at home once. It was the longest four hours of my life.

Nah, really it was one hour, but it seemed like four.

Genevieve said...

Kirste, I think that looking at a picture of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis leaping for joy is enough to make Eyeore giggle. I need to find more of those and post them.

Toms, I KNOW. The month without internet felt like an inifite desert of time during which the kids and I staggered around the house parched, sun-crazed, and shaggy-haired. It was ugly.