Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This would make a good blog post

Why does my car smell like bacon in the sand? I know that I've taken the kids to the beach lately, but...bacon? I've done no frying in my car, and bought no McBacony Bacon Dippers or anything. And it doesn't smelll like bacon AND sand or bacon ON the sand, but distinctly bacon IN the sand. I smelled it and thought two things: 1) Why? and 2) This would make a good blog post.  But alas, it offers no resolution. I've looked under my seats, in the trunk, the CD player and the glove compartment, and there is no bacon anywhere. The best I can guess is that the sand in my car has grease in it. But what do I know, I've got a degree in English, not in Breakfast Foods.....mmmmmmmm, a degree in breakfast foods.

PS - yes, that's it, that's really the end of this post. I told you, it offers no resolution! Other than vacuuming my car, and you and I both know that I'm not going to do that, so forget it!. Dude, she gets snippy when her car smells like bacon.

PPS- I should write a series of blog posts that follow in the spirit of A Series of Unfortunate Events. You know how in A Series of Unfortunate Events, the author warns you throughout the entire series that the main characters' lives are just going to get worse and worse and the ending is going to disappoint you? Maybe I should write A Series of Unfortunate Smells, where I blog about strange odors and never find out where they're coming from. And it would never be anything you'd expect like gas, or rotten eggs, but average, not even bad smelling-smells in places you wouldn't expect, like maple syrup in a freshly mowed the lawn, or the scent of rain in McDonald's. This is genius. Someone get me an agent!

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