Monday, March 29, 2010

KFKD vs. The Super Human

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....(sips coffee)....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....(scowls at the phone as it rings)...grrrrrrrrrrrrr-Safety and Security, this is Genevieve.

That's how my morning is going. I'm not feeling good about myself today, but I'm trying to keep it apart from work.

My boss lent me a coffee cup that says "super human" on it, with lots of exclamation points. I don't feel like an exclamation point, though I am tall like one, and I do exclaim things from time to time. I used to feel like a big question mark, but I don't feel like that so much anymore. Maybe I'm a period at the end of a statement, but I would like to think that I'm something more fluid and less static than a fixed point.

I'm a human drinking coffee. Not super, but not despicable either. Last night I ate a piece of pizza that had cabbage and barbecued pork on it. That was pretty despicable.

Anne Lamott talks about tuning into a radio station in her brain called KFKD, which streams all the most horrible thoughts about herself 24/7 without commercial interruption. KFKD, as you have probably guessed or already know if you've read Bird by Bird, stands for "K-FUCKED" because it's all of her fucked up thoughts about herself, and about her writing. Today mine is saying, "You're a lousy whore who just wants everyone to like you, even the ones who have no reason to. And now you have cabbage breath because you ate that pizza." I think it's interesting that KFKD would call me a whore when I've been celebate for quite a while now. Who the hell is running that station, anyway? Like all bullies, the DJ for KFKD has thrown an insult with a nugget of truth in it. I do want everyone to like me, and I keep thinking that if I just try hard enough I can make that happen. I guess everybody does that, huh? Maybe I do it to an extreme because I'm just learning about boundaries and healthy stuff like that, but maybe that does't make me entirely pathetic.

You're not super bad or super good. Just human. Drinking coffee. Keep coming back to that and get back to work, Cabbage Breath.


melissa bastian. said...

You could retune the dial to KWSM. Yep, that's the station that only plays music that's as awesome as you are. (I know, I haven't actually heard any music that's as awesome as you are either. But if such a station existed it would TOTALLY KICK ASS.)

Remember... always waxing.

Genevieve said...

I love you, Melsy :)

Tom said...

I was talking to a coworker about how our tastes change when we get older, given that I don't need to put six-and-a-half cups of sugar on Cheerios anymore, and how I can eat a sweet potato sans brown sugar and marshmallows. However, I have not achieved the plateau of one who would enjoy a pizza with cabbage on it. No.

Word Verification: traba - a type of wooden spoon used for ladling cabbage, expressly employed in the making of pizza