Monday, April 6, 2009

Need to write essay

I have to work on a personal essay for my writing workshop. I haven't written anything essay-like in a couple of weeks. I'm blocked.

GRRRROOOOOWLLLLL! I don't like blockages! They're never good! Writer's blocks, road blocks, artery blocks, The New Kids on the Block - all terrible! Terrible, I say!


melissa bastian. said...

What kiiiind of essay? Could you write something on your thoughts about motherhood - like how it's the same but different than you'd thought it would be? Or... how you like trees?

Tom said...

Yeah, don't you have, like 300 essays already saved up? Can't you do like that kid in my art class did in high school and just pull out some old one for the assignment.

Well, his was actually an old painting that his brother had done a few years previous, and the instructor knew it, and he got an F on it...but...well, maybe that's not a good example.

I'd give you one of mine, only I've never been a mother, and the ones I write about motherhood are all about others' mothers. I wrote about cookies and applesauce, though! Those were good things about motherhood, or what mom's do, or what my mom did.

I'm trying to help. Really. It's just going terribly. I wish you luck.

Genevieve said...

I love trees. Looooove those trees! And I looooooove my children! But the essay I'm working on isn't about children or trees. It's about androgyne. Hmm. Perhaps I shall post the beginning of it here.

I've thought about submitting something I've written before but I wanted to write something new. So I turned in the first three pages of it last Monday and everybody liked it (yay!). Then my instructor said that he forsees this being about 20 pages long, given the sexual identity confusion of it all. Yoiks. I've never written an essay that long, and though I know I've got the material, I'm feeling insecure. But fear not friends! I shall persevere.