Monday, December 22, 2008

A Wal-Mart poem

Dig the line "as if he steered a soap bubble." I love poets.

Coming Out of Wal-Mart
by Mark DeFoe

The child, puny, paling toward albino,
hands fused on the handlebars of a new bike.
The man, a cut-out of the boy, gnome-like,
grizzled, knotted like a strange root,
guides him out, hand on the boy's shoulder.
They speak, but in language softer than hearing.

The boy steers the bike as if he steered
a soap bubble, a blown glass swan, a cloud.

On the walk they go still. Muzak covers them.
Sun crushes. The man is a tiny horse,
gentle at a fence. The boy's eyes are huge
as a fawn's.

He grips hard the orange and pink,
and purple and green striped handlebars,
smiling the fixed sweet smile of the sainted.


Tom said...

Um...are you and my dad reading from the same source? He sent me this poem in an email today.

Yes, I love the "soap bubble" line!

Genevieve said...

That's...that's really weird. I read it on the Writer's Almanac. How obscurely bizarre.