Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hanging anxieties out to dry

It's six in the morning and I want to go back to sleep. I've been writing for an hour and a half, well rewriting really, and my confidence is beginning to slip again. I keep thinking, "What if this is boring? And what am I awake for anyway? The kids are asleep, I should be sleeping while I can. And if I can't fall back to sleep, then there's laundry to put away. The refrigerator needs cleaning, the dog needs a bath, and I have so many unread e-mails that I don't know if I can get through all of them in a day so I should start now.

Ok, now I should get back to the book and stop worrying about all the things I can take care of later. Besides, I don't want to let the overeditor in my head ruin the joy of early morning writing. I'll blog again later, but I just wanted to air out those anxieties.


biggearhead said...

Anxiety, how you annoy me. I think I will, instead of feeding you, go do something productive and see how it turns out.

A friend of mine says this: "Just do the work and let the outcome take care of itself."

That's my wisdom for today.

Oh, and WTF happened to Kev's blog??? It's like we all got booted!

Genevieve said...

That's a good quote, man.

I know, isn't it creepy? I just wrote about how I'm afraid I comment too much on the site. Maybe we got too unruly. Or maybe it was a glitch. Hee hee, I just imagined you stroking a fake beard and saying heavily, "No...this was no glitch."

biggearhead said...

In fact, it was some sort of glitch, otherwise I would have definitely adjusted my geek-chic heavy black frame glasses, stroked my youthful-yet-wisened-looking goatee and said, "Glitch? That...that thing...was no glitch."

When I tried to pull up the page sometime yesterday in the evening I got some crazy error and it wouldn't load the page. This morning all the posts are gone, and while I tried to throw out a funny comment about it - as I am wont to do - I just kept getting "timed out" messages. Go fig.