Monday, June 2, 2008

ah, whitman

I'm in the process of rewriting a book I finished a couple of months ago, and I just read something helpful on the Writer's Almanac about Walt Whitman: "Whitman continued to add poems to Leaves of Grass and publish it in different editions throughout his life. It eventually went through nine different editions; Whitman compared the finished book to a cathedral that took years to build, or a tree with visible circles of growth. In the 1880s, the Society for the Suppression of Vice called it immoral in a Boston newspaper, and that's when it finally started to sell. Whitman used the money to buy a cottage in Camden, where he spent the rest of his life."

My book is called The Daily Dylanson Obituaries, but I think I might change it to "The Supression of Vice." Narly.

If any of you are wirters out there, and you need the ocassional pep talk like I do, I highly suggest looking up The Writer's Almanac, and Kevin Alexander's blog Both provide comfort, and colorful musings. I will share more resources as I discover them.

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